Creamy Cucumber  Dill Salad

When you find yourself with a bunch of fresh cucumbers, this quick creamy salad recipe is the perfect way to enjoy them.

Do you enjoy growing and eating cucumbers?

They are really popular vegetables to grow in backyard gardens because they are so easy and do well in various climates.

Here’s what you need:

Any kind of cucumbers will work in this recipe – garden or English.


Although you can use dried dill in this salad, fresh dill is the best.


I used 12 drops SweetLeaf stevia drops and that  was perfect.


I used unfiltered apple cider vinegar, but you can use any vinegar you prefer.


How to make Creamy Cucumber Dill Salad:

Just run your knife through the dill leaves and chop it up into smaller pieces.

Chop Fresh Dill

I normally just slice up the cucumbers with the mandoline when  making a salad.

Cut The Cucumber

I mix up the creamy dressing ingredients in a small mixing bowl before adding the dill to the cucumber slices.

Prepare Salad Dressing

Then, I put alternating layers of cucumber and dill in a large bowl so that they would be evenly distributed.

Mix Cucumber And Dill

Just dump your prepared dressing on top of the cucumber  dill mix.

Add The Dressing

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