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  • 120+ super simple & delicious recipes
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Tips and resources for successfully following a ketogenic diet including...

  • What you need to get started on keto
  • Calculating your daily macros with ease
  • Foods you can eat and foods can't eat
  • Avoiding common mistakes 
  • Why you may want to avoid certain foods
  • How to be more efficient in the kitchen
  • Macronutrients for every recipe
  • Daily meal plans to help you get started
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Over 120 easy recipes made with 5 simple ingredients or less, including...

  • Granola Cereal
  • Yellow Squash Soup
  • Chicken Chili
  • Quick "Breaded" Pork
  • Steak Pinwheels
  • Fish Florentine
  • Chocolate Fudge Balls
  • And A LOT MORE!!!
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What People are Saying...


I have been following a keto diet plan for almost 2 years now. I don't usually buy the cookbooks that are out there because they are ridiculously complicated, have tons of obscure ingredients, and/or are not appealing to my tastes. As a follower of Lisa's blog, Low Carb Yum, I was very excited to pre-order and then finally receive my copy of her cookbook yesterday. THIS is a cookbook that I will use over and over again. It has very simple recipes for down home favorites as well as fairly fancy things. Do yourself a favor and get this book if you are looking for quick easy ways to follow a Keto diet plan.


I have followed Lisa for quite a while. When you follow various people who post recipes or put out books, you realize
They are not always very good. Some list recipes with ingredients you never heard of or are just not that good.
Lisa MarcAurele has posted many recipes on Low carb yum for a long time. Her recipes are great so when I found she was putting out a book of recipes I didn’t hesitate to order it. Her recipes are tried and true. Book is well organized with great illustrations and numerous tips on following low carb life style. She also lists different sweeteners with conversion chart. For beginners she even has meal plans. Love this book


By FAR the best cooking book I ever owned... the recipes are well explained easy and delicious. Have lots of options from snacks to desert.. quarantine is not as bad after this book ❤️

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Author Lisa MarcAurele turned to the low carb way of eating in 2001, shortly after she was treated for Graves' disease, an autoimmune disorder where the thyroid gland becomes overactive. After the treatment caused her metabolism to slow down, she was forced to change her eating habits to keep from gaining weight quickly. 

In 2010, Lisa started a food blog so that she could share the low carb recipes she was creating at home. Low Carb Yum has become one of the most popular destinations for people on low carb, ketogenic diets, now with over 700 recipes. 

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