Chocolate Iced Coconut Donuts

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Chocolate Iced Coconut Donuts

Lately, I’ve been eating a lot of chicken and salads which is pretty boring. My husband got a gift card to Dunkin Donuts from one of his clients. He doesn’t drink coffee so he is saving it to buy donuts for him and the kids. He knows I rarely eat sugar loaded donuts. The gift card has been sitting on the kitchen counter since Christmas and it has led to a donut craving. My favorite donuts are the Krispy Kreme chocolate iced cream and I need to work on how to get that luscious sweet cream filling in a low carb version. Eventually, I’ll figure out a good low carb alternative to those cream filled donuts.

Since I have a donut pan I just needed to make up a cake batter to bake in the molds. Coconut flour does a good job with cakes so I figured it would make a good base for the donut batter. This got me thinking about a coconut donut so I threw some unsweetened dried coconut flakes into the batter. The resulting donuts weren’t very attractive so I whipped up some chocolate frosting to spread on top. Still not satisfied with how they looked, I lightly toasted an additional tablespoon of shredded coconut to sprinkle on top. The result? Perfectly delicious!

These donuts have the look and feel of the real thing. They are relatively easy to make and will get you past any sugar cravings. I’ll have to experiment with this basic batter to see what other scrumptious donut flavors I can create. Maybe a nice glazed chocolate or blueberry donut reminiscent of the other popular donut chain. Just take a look at how these babies turned out. The photos alone are enough to make your mouth water.

Chocolate Iced Coconut Donuts - Low Carb & Gluten Free

Chocolate Iced Coconut Donuts – Low Carb & Gluten Free

The unfrosted version isn’t as flattering as you can see in the photo below.

Low Carb Coconut Flour Donuts

Low Carb Coconut Flour Donuts

This is the perfect low carb treat to pair with my morning coffee.

Chocolate Iced Low Carb Coconut Donut

Chocolate Iced Low Carb Coconut Donut

Chocolate Iced Coconut Donuts – Gluten Free

Chocolate Iced Coconut Donuts – Gluten Free

Donuts are a special treat. These low carb chocolate iced coconut donuts are the best low carb donuts that I have made so far. They are also gluten free.



  1. Mix together coconut flour, coconut, erythritol, stevia, salt and baking soda.
  2. Blend in eggs, coconut oil, almond milk, and vanilla extract until well combined.
  3. Fill donut molds about 2/3 full with batter.
  4. Bake in 350 degrees F oven about 20 minutes or unitl toothpick comes out clean.
  5. Icing:
  6. Beat butter with cocoa, erythritol and stevia.
  7. Mix in almond milk and vanilla extract. Beat until well blended.
  8. Spread evenly over donuts.


Makes 8 donuts

Carbs per donut: 6g

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    • says

      Thanks for the question! I should have mentioned that the coconut oil needs to be softened or melted. Otherwise, it’s really difficult to properly blend in.

  1. says

    I tried first to put the batter together with a hand mixer. Since I had not brought the eggs to room temperature, the coconut oil was like little rocks. Gave up and threw it in the blender and SUCCESS. So, lesson learned – start with the blender. I used Wilton’s miniature donut pans and made 43 of these little devils. Baked 12-15 minutes. Didn’t think they were done because they hadn’t browned…but they were done. And not overdone. Husband thought they were very good. He had been talking about going to a local donut shop and I knew I needed to nip that in the bud…he has only a few pounds to go till he gets to his goal weight.

    • says

      Good thinking using the blender. I sometimes throw everything in the food processor so no worries when the eggs are cold. These donuts are my favorite, although the blueberry cake ones are a close second. Glad you were able to save him from a diet crushing trip to the donut shop!

  2. says

    Hey! I just found your website via foodbuzz! Your donuts looks great! I love the chocolate+coconut combo, and I have been staying off of grains (and of course sugar free) These donuts are perfect for me! all I need is a donut pan!

    • says

      They could be made in a muffin or mini muffin pan if you can’t find a mini cake tube pan. A muffin top pan would also work. May have to adjust baking time, though.


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