Coconut Ice Cream

Although I have an ice cream maker, I don’t use this machine as often as I should. It’s just too easy to buy low carb ice cream at a local store. However, the flavors available are very limited and I usually settle for plain vanilla as the chocolate typically tastes bad with the added splenda. There are a few gourmet ice cream shops that sell low carb ice cream, but these are seasonal places that are only open during the warmer weather and they are very expensive. Still, the sugar free flavors they offer are typically just vanilla, chocolate and strawberry.

Making homemade ice cream is really easy when using a machine. The only thing is that you have to prepare for it by placing the freezer bowl in the freezer a few days prior so that the gel inside is frozen. Getting bored of the regular vanilla ice cream, I got the machine out of storage and thought of a good flavor to try. Coconut ice cream is something that is hard to find. Locally, I’ve only seen it served in a Chinese restaurant. I still had some homemade hot fudge sauce left over, so this is going to make a great ice cream sundae. Maybe I’ll add some chopped almonds for an Almond Joy sundae.

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