Low Carb White Chocolate Almond

Sugar Free Low Carb White Chocolate Bark

Sugar Free Low Carb White Chocolate Bark

As mentioned in a previous post, I worked in a candy store when I was a teenager where I made hand made candy. This low carb white chocolate almond bark recipe is another low carb spin on one of the candies we used to make and sell. We sold both white and regular chocolate almond bark. It was a simple recipe where we had to melt the chocolate disks in the microwave and then mix almonds in and spread it out in a pan to harden. The white chocolate was always my favorite. I had been hooked on white chocolate even as a kid. While all my siblings would get the regular chocolate bunnies at Easter, my mother would always get a white chocolate one for me.

Raw Cocoa Butter

Raw Cocoa Butter

White chocolate is basically cocoa butter with milk, sugar and possibly vanilla flavor added. I was able to find food grade cocoa butter for a reasonable price in a natural food store. There’s also a great organic cocoa butter made by East Bluff Trading Co. that is available here at Amazon.com. I recently bought some powdered xylitol so I thought I’d try it in this candy. If you don’t have xylitol, I’m sure powdered erythritol and/or stevia would also work just fine. This sugar free white chocolate almond bark is fine to store at room temperature, but I like to keep it cold in the refrigerator.

Sugar Free White Chocolate Almond Bark

Sugar Free White Chocolate Almond Bark

Sugar Free Low Carb White Chocolate Almond Bark

Sugar Free Low Carb White Chocolate Almond Bark

White chocolate is a candy I loved as a child. It was probably due to its intense sweetness. Here's a low carb version I created without all the sugar.



  1. Melt chocolate and xylitol together in microwave. Once melted, stir in vanilla extract and almonds.
  2. Spread evenly on a jellyroll pan lined with plastic wrap (a little water can be added under the plastic wrap to keep it from sticking to the pan).
  3. Refrigerate (or freeze) for until solid. Break into desired sizes.
  4. Store covered in refrigerator or room temperature.


* NOTE: Xylitol has been shown to be toxic to pets so keep it away from animals if you have them

Makes 7 servings

Per serving: 386 calories, 32.4g fat, 7g carb, 4.2g fiber, 2.8g net carbs, 7.6g protein


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    U just found your GREAT blog! Yay! We have some ingredients in common, check mine out too! I am SO EXCITED to find this recipe. I wanted to make a low carb recipe that called for white chocolate and I thought it was impossible. But LOOK! You are my HERO!! :D I will add your blog to my bloglist!

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