Taco Stuffed Peppers and Yellow Squash

gluten free low carb taco stuffed yellow squash

Although I hate to post another yellow squash recipe, we have them coming out of our ears right now so I'm finding all kinds of ways to cook them. I should be canning or freezing them, but I've been too busy to go food shopping so I'm living off garden vegetables and venison right now. These taco stuffed peppers and yellow squash were a tasty way to use up our abundance of veggies and game meat. Getting hit with tons of vegetables at once seems to be a problem for us every year and I'm not sure why we don't cut back on the garden. I'm not a big gardener so my only job is to pick things as ...

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Dairy free low carb peanut butter chocolate fat bomb recipe

Chocolate Peanut Butter Fat Bomb

I've found myself getting busier and busier during the day. I rarely get time for breaks at work and I chase a two year old when I'm not working as an engineer. My only down time is when my daughter sleeps and that's when I ...

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Low carb Greek salad over zoodles recipe

Greek Salad with Zoodles

After trying the skillet Moussaka dish, it was only natural to make another one of my favorite Greek sides. We've been getting plenty of cucumbers from the garden as well as some smaller tomatoes. These popular garden ...

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low carb skillet moussaka

Skillet Moussaka

We have one eggplant plant in the garden that is loaded with fruit and I picked the first one the other day. It seemed rather long and slender, but it must be the particular variety. Although eggplant is a terrific low carb ...

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Low carb yellow squash custard cake recipe

Yellow Squash Cake

Have you ever neglected your garden for a day and the next day have a few monster summer squash? I prefer my zucchini and yellow squash to be on the small size. They are a lot less seedy when picked before they grow into a ...

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Sugar Free Low Carb Peach Ice Cream Recipe

No Egg Peach Ice Cream

I've got another sugar free low carb ice cream flavor to share. I just can't get enough of this frozen treat. And, it's so easy to make. After making the green tea ice cream, I realized that there is endless flavors of ice ...

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Ground Beef Zucchini Tomato Dish Skillet

Mexican Zucchini and Beef

We had a really good zucchini crop this year. The last few years, our plants ended up getting powdery mildew so they didn't produce but one or two fruit. However, I think some of that was due to us overwatering the plants in ...

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